How to avoid bloating

The Bloating Hormones

Bloating is an issue almost all the woman genre can relate to. It is the annoying,sudden and disappointing stage when you feel bloated most commonly around the tummy area for no specific reason.Bloating happens to both the creations of God ie., men and women. However,weather by design or by default, it is most common in woman. Thanks to the many biological limitations we bear unlike men. Firstly, we need to admit and understand that bloating is not just a weight gain concern. It is much more than that. Bloating is directly related to our digestive process or as you may call it gut disorder. It is a gastroenterology matter and predominantly occurs pre-menstrual.

Hormones Do Matter –

A woman’s health is customarily connected to her gynecological health. Well,this is undeniably true. But we are forgetting that the health of your gut system is equally important. In fact bloating is one of the PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. Sure enough, woman feels bloated within a week before periods.Just before woman period starts, the levels of hormone called progesterone and estrogen falls down which causes the body to retain more water and salt. This results in the body’s cells to swell up and thus causing the feeling of bloating.

Reasons for Bloating

Bloating can happen due to many reasons. As mentioned above it is directly related to our hormonal changes. But there are other controllable aspects to it too. To begin with, absence of ill health does not equal to good health. So we need to change our outlook and head towards having a healthy body and not an illness free body. Stress, genetics, indigestion, constipation, previous gut infections can be a big cause resulting in the gut disorder and hence higher PMS. While these reasons may sound out of one’s control, it can be related to our negligence too. We need to take quick actions to tackle these issues with higher urgency and severity.

Nutritional Imbalance –

I bet you knew this. Another major reason for bloating. Not following a nutritious diet accelerates all the gynecological and gastrointestinal/gastroenterology disorders. Too salty food, not enough fiber, excess of saturated sugar, preserved/canned food, not enough water in-take, absence of exercise in daily routine.Above all these, skipping meals is the topmost reason witnessed primarily in woman. This happens in the name of fasting and if this is done frequently it has a direct impact on our digestive process.

God is not a dietician. Neither does he expect us to worship him with an empty stomach churning inside with acids due to lack of food. God is our best friend and biggest support. He would bless us as long as we worship him with a pure heart (Our stomach is not needed to be empty for this)

. Remedies

Simple lifestyle changes can make a huge impact and beat the bloat- Food is the best medicine. Drink loads of water, include more fiber in your diet,and eat potassium Rich food (tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas), try and have diuretics rich food (asparagus, pineapples, cucumber) Cut down on salty and greasy food, avoid refined arbohydrates and be careful of any medication you are taking.Get moving and exercise regularly. Exercise helps gas pass through the tract and helps relieve bloating.Good health is a sum of all your habits, not an individual one. Dust yourself off the past and move forward to a healthier tomorrow. Stop bloating and start rocking!