The 10 Minutes Quick Workout

Having trouble fitting fitness into your schedule? 10 minute do anywhere Cardio Workout

A quick cardio workout is going to be a great boost of energy and will help you lose weight and feel better.

Option ONE

1 min jog in place as fast as you can 1 min jumping jacks 1min walking lunges 1 min high knees
1 min mountain climbers
1 min squats
1 min butt kicks
1 min jump rope as fast as you can
1 min front kicks
1 min jog in place as fast as you can

Option TWO

A ten minute cardio workout that requires no equipment. This exercise will help you maximized your calorie burn.
You can download this video on your IPad, or IPhone.
Play the video below to start your day!

Also these simple ideas will help you burn some extra calories a day.

• Park a little farther from the building
• Move around while doing other things. Walk while you are on the phone
• Take a walk with your co-worker at lunch time
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Gardening

Make your fitness a priority starting Today!!