May 7, 2017

Do you know your risk for heart disease?

Do you know your risk for heart disease (CAD)?

Women are the family doctors. They tend to be responsible for health of their family. To take care of the family’s health, it is pertinent that we understand the basics.

What is Coronary artery disease (CAD)?

CAD is when arteries supplying the heart get blocked with fat and cholesterol. This leads to decreased to… Read more...

May 7, 2017

Stand For Yourself

Recently there was a news that bride refused to get married as her bridegroom came drunk for the wedding.She was brave enough to say “no”and stand not only for herself but for her future children.She was fully supported by her parents and her community.

I applaud her for bravery and forward thinking .Women need to stand for their rights and be fully… Read more...